Our participants
Yoga teacher
Nalanie Chellaram, Spain
Language: ENG. Nalanie Chellaram heads the charitable Integral Yoga Center in Gibraltar. In 1986, Nalanie became a disciple of His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda. As a result, she received an honorary accreditation from the Council of Teachers of the Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia (USA), and also a high appreciation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Way to happiness
Swami Jyothirmayah, Europe
Language: ENG. Swami Jyothirmayah is a highly regarded, senior meditation teacher from India. Born in northern India in 1972 he grew up in a Christian family. He took a BA in literature at the University of Calcutta, India. After that, he went to work in the family business. Many years later, he gained a broad educational perspective through the teachings of the Art of Living Foundation.
Yoga teacher, traveler and thinker
Oberom, Brazil
Languages: ENG, ESP. Oberom is known far beyond his native country as an accredited yoga teacher. He conducts lectures and workshops about Pranic Consciousness, Yoga and veganism. Oberom works as a facilitator of the '21 Day Process’ in the Portal Parvati’s retreat, in Brazil. He is also an author of deep philosophical books "The Vegan Yoga", "Journey on the lung", "Journey in the light", etc.
The Embassy of Peace founder
Jasmuheen, Australia
Language: ENG. Jasmuheen is the founder of the Embassy of Peace, the founder of the Self Empowerment Academy, the author of 38 books published in more than 18 languages Since 1993 she switched to Prana food, that means she eats only the Energy of Light. Jasmuheen often acts as a lecturer at international conferences, where she shares her experience of meditation during the last 42 years.
Ayurvedic doctor and Marma therapist
Neel Venugopal, India
Language: ENG. Ayurveda, which means "the science of life," is a powerful and holistic system from India. It has been practiced for over 5,000 years by millions of individuals to assist the body in finding optimal health. Ayurveda views health and disease as the end result of how we interact with the world in terms of our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, which then ultimately determine our actions.
Healing Akashi, Tantra, Reiki
Juliana Estrada, Spain
Languages of instruction: ENG, ESP. Juliana is a channeler and reiki master (USUI, Kundalini, Karuna). Since 2003, she practices Tantra, as a method of sacred sexuality and conscious relationships. Also, for more than 4 years Juliana has been engaged in deep healing through studying and self-practicing on akashic memory.
CEO at New Legends Now, consultant
Leb Tannenbaum, USA
Language: ENG. Specialties: Rapid Growth/ Mergers and Acquisition Integration/ Denison Culture Survey/Culture by Design/ Simplified Strategic Planning/ Leadership Development/ Sustainable Growth. Nearly 30 years in developmental coaching with executives. Graduate of Gary Hamel's Innovation Academy. Member of the Denison Culture Roundtable.
Qigong instructor, certified aromatouch therapist
Tatiana Tannenbaum, USA
Languages: ENG, RU A certified instructor of Dayan Wild Goose Qigong under the guidance of Master Hui Liu in El Cerrito. A graduate of The School of Conscious Healing in Sedona. An appointed guide to the John of God healing center in Brazil. A licensed massage therapist in the State of Oregon. Certified in cranio-sacral, somato-emotional release, lymphatic dranage, neuromuscular modalities.
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Natalia Belaiche, Spain
Languages: ENG, RU. Natalia is a certified coach for healthy eating, a frequent guest consultant of the weekly Spanish TV show "Marbella te queiro", creator of the Vitality Cooking project, founder of the School of Healthy Nutrition in Marbella, where she teaches the basics of healthy eating, easy, tasty and useful recipes, and teaches to understand your body and its needs.
Author of Soulwork, "Remember who you really are" Spiritual Teacher and Therapist
Monica Viglioglia, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. Monica is an author and therapist helping people release and heal emotional pain using her unique Method of Soul Work Therapy. Her lecture is gifting people with the knowledge that they all have a great opportunity to open themselves up to a relationship with their own soul, the inner master that speaks to all of us in a variety of ways
Doula, Birthworker, Conscious Breathing work
Lourdes Lorente, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. Lourdes Lorente specializes in accompanying childbirth and actively participates in the sacred path of a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period. She is a trained Doula (birth companion). The mother-father-child triad stands in the center of Lourdes’s spiritual values.
Practitioner of flower therapy and NLP, specialist in the field of quantum kinesiology
Nadia Alkatabi, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. Nadia Alkatabi devoted her life to studying the effect of floral energy on human life. In her therapeutic practice she also uses NLP techniques, working with the body through yoga and multidimensional Shambhala healing. Nadia gladly shares his experience with his students in daily group and individual classes.
Shamanic Practitioner
Lynette Assad, UK
Language: ENG. Lynette is a Shamanic practitioner and councils internationally. She has had leading roles in personal transformation and development groups. Lynette was part of the pilot group for Teenagers Child Line in South Africa.
Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, former midwife and admin in a non-profit charity
Margit Akal Sahai Kaur, Spain
Language: ENG. Margit Akal Sahai Kaur adheres to the vegan lifestyle, embodying her professional service in a non-profit association. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, who actively teaches in Marbella.
Certified consultant of Dr. Joe Dispenza
Alexander Senchenko, Switzerland
Language: ENG. Alexander Senchenko is a Motivational Speaker, Intercultural Coach, trainer and a consultant certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It is his passionate desire to inspire and empower people by helping them achieve their objectives through rediscovering and making the full use of their hidden powers.
Coach, consultant in the field of personal transformation
Julia Monina, Russia
Languages: RU, ENG. Founder and President of the International Coaching Academy Virtus Coach Int., Coach-consultant, Master of personal transformation; Author and presenter of courses for top management; Member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Holographic Coaching and Mentoring (IHCMF)
Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques for kids and families
Nati Viazzi, Spain
Language: ENG.
Fitness and Yoga Instructor
Oksana Pavlenko, Spain
Languages: ENG, RU. Certified fitness and yoga instructor, coach for a healthy lifestyle, an expert in therapeutic reflexology and Thai massage.
Teacher of professional disciplines, Choreographer, Ballet Artist, Yoga Instructor
Valeriy Bryuzgin, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP, RU. Valery Bruzgin - yoga teacher, teacher, choreographer, ballet dancer, soloist of the Honored National Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after Pavlo Virskiy.
Choreographer, master of female practices, aesthetic cosmetologist
Iryna Nesko, Spain
Languages: ENG, RU. Iryna Nesko - a choreographer, professional teacher of flamenco, classical, oriental and ballroom dances. The owner of the Ayurvedic beauty salon in Marbella. Aesthetic cosmetologist. Combines the inner and outer manifestation of female beauty together.
Counselor/Adviser on Infancy and Adolescense. Professor in School for SPA professionals. Director www,ovehum.com
Gonzalo Torquemada, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. Dr. Gonzalo Torquemada studies the psychological development of children and adolescents over 20 years. He heads the International Observatory of the Values and Education in Humanity and also actively participates in the work of children's charitable foundations.
Sound Coaching with singing bowls and gongs, sound massage, VAK & Impulse Coaching
Сhristine Heckel, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. Christine Heckel is a certified Sound Relaxation Trainer & Coach, offers VAK & Impulse Coaching, she perfectly understands the art of the cleansing therapy OPT (Okada Purifying Therapy), actively practicing holotropic breathing and hypnotherapy.
Nutritional Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach
Claudia le Feuvre, Spain
Language: ENG. Claudia is a Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach with 12 years experience. Known as The ShapeShifter, she specialises in helping clients lose weight and transform their relationship with food and body. She runs clinics in London, Spain and Gibraltar.
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Nina Phillimore, Spain
Languages: ENG, RU, Nina Phillimore is a сertified Instructor of the Deepak Chopra Center of Primary Sound Meditation (Carlsbad, CA). Since 2000, she teaches yoga, which leads to the disclosure of internal potential. Nina is often invited as a speaker to international conferences on spiritual practices.
QIgong and Taiji instructor
Ruby Schottey, Spain
Language: ENG. Ruby Schottey is a certified Qigong and Taiji instructor, founder of Qigong Studio Marbella. With 12 years of experience he loves to share and teach different forms from the Beijing University as well as forms approved by the International Health Qigong Federation.
PNL, NLP and EFT Specialist. Coach
Elena Márquez, Spain
Language: ESP+ENG. PNL, NLP and EFT Specialist. Coach. Creator of the PAT Program (Plan of Action for Success) that generates changes that lead people to transform their personal and / or professional life.
Gabrielle Ange, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. Painter Subrrealista Onírica and Professor of Painting: paintings in museums and private collections spread throughout the world (France, Spain, England, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, ect). Numerous individual exhibitions.
Certified Teacher of yoga, meditation and ayurveda
Tina Due, Spain
Language: ENG. Tina Due is a cert. yoga and meditationinstructor from Chopra Center since 2009, trained with Dr. Deepack Chopra. She is teaching internationally in both groups, private consulting and as a speaker in mind-body medicine; yoga, pranayama,meditation and ayurveda. Her heartcause is the children, where she has lead school-yoga and mindfulness projects in Denmark.
Spinal Specialist and Lecturer
Glenn Duffy, Spain
Language: ENG. Glenn has helped thousands of people over his 20 years in healthcare. Having presented research at international conferences, he lectured at postgraduate level, and then delivered training for the Royal College in the UK, where he owned a group of clinics until 2016.
Founder of Radiant Yoga Marbella Studio
Lori Sjollema, Spain
Language: ENG. Founder of Radiant Yoga Marbella Studio. Gentle Mindful Yoga Flow
Kriya Yoga Babaji instructor,founder of Self development Centre "Harmonia"
Diana Gurskaya, Spain
Language: ENG+RU. Kriya Yoga Babaji instructor,founder of Self development Centre "Harmonia"
Tantra instructor, yoga and relationships
Inmaculada Martinez, Spain
Language: ESP. Inmaculada Martinez sees a path of rapid development of human consciousness in yoga and tantra practice. It is the topic that she discovers on her courses, lectures, seminars and personal consultations around the world. It helps couples find intimate harmony in relationships and rise to a new level of sexual energy.
Doctor in Osteopathy, Specialist in Alternative Medicine and Conscious Nutrition, Health Coach
Donato Manniello, Spain
Language: ESP. Dr. Donato Manniello uses the most progressive directions of alternative medicine - acupuncture, hypnosis, physiotherapy, Ayurveda, phyto-and aromatherapy, acupuncture. Its author's method Donato Manniello described in book "Take me with you - I'll change your life"
Artist, bard, songwriter of Oracle concerts
Rocío Madreselva, Spain
Languages: ENG, ESP. For Rocío Madreselva, songs are her way of expressing life and bringing the mind to a natural state of relaxation. She writes letters that bring us closer to the laws of Nature and the Universe and draw a luminous reality for the planet and humanity.
Teacher of Indian classical dance
Maria Sanchez, Spain
Languages: ESP, RU. Maria Sanchez - winner of international competitions, participant of festivals and competitions in Indian classical dance. She founded a unique project for adults and children - Devi Diosa, where she acts as a leader, teacher and choreographer.
Psychologist and energy therapist, master of Ayurvedic Medicine and Tibetan Spiritual Practitioners
Erika Sanchez, Spain
Languages: ESP, RU. Erika Sanchez is a psychologist and energy therapist, master of Ayurvedic Medicine and Tibetan Spiritual Practitioners. She created the author's method for the female improvement "Yogawomen", which is based on gymnastics and yoga, meditation and auto-training.
Host and Master, kinesiologist at the Vida Sana Center.
Fernando Bernal, Spain
Languages: ESP. Fernando Bernal is a quantum kinesiologist, researcher, writer. His courses are taught in various countries of Europe and America. He has activity in the Center of Healthy Life in San Pedro de Alcántara.
Psychoanalyst and Therapist. Representative of the Masaru Emoto Institute in Spain
Inaki Vega, Spain
Language: ESP. Throughout his life Inaki Vega professionally studies psychoanalysis, theosophy, non-traditional approaches to treatment. As an instructor, he passes his experience to the listeners of the Hado School in Japan, and also performs the duties of the person in charge of the project of the Peace Institute Masaru Emoto in Spain.
Healer and master of Sufi music, Multi-instrumentalist, Master of Music of Unity, Composer, Music Producer
Ignacio Béjar, Spain
Language: ESP. INSTRUMENTS: Turkish Ney, Bass Clarinet, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Turkish Clarinet, Flute, Arabic Oud, Voice, Piano, Tibetan Bowls, Daihonic Chants, Lyre and more.
Clinical psihologist, Spiritual Mentor, Female Trainer, Practicing Psychologist, Energy Therapist, Regressologist. Leader of the school "ViDariA"
Victoria Krut, Ukraine
Language: RU. Victoria Krut is the founder of the Women's Development School "ViDariA" and the creator of the author's course "Healing the Fate of Women". Practical psychologist, energy therapist, transformational trainer, regressologist, the leader of female psychotherapeutic group "Women's Circle of Strenght."
Energy Therapies
Rosa Pineda, Spain
Language: ESP. For more than 23 years, Rosa Pineda has been working with her husband on the Naturae Terapias project, which is based on strengthening the balance and health of the person. As a tools, Rosa uses crystals, aromatherapy, Tibetan bowls and much more.
Clinical Psychologist and Hypnosis
Miguel Angel, Spain
Language: ESP. Miguel Angel developed his own personal Renaissance technique, which brings a deep psychological transformation and a new sense of well-being to people's lives. This technique helps to solve internal human problems by studying the family tree, clinical hypnosis and unconscious reprogramming.
Stefania de Luz, Spain
Language: ESP. The founder of the School ALCHEMISTRY AND THE DANCE OF HEART, Director of the RUBYAT Center in Malaga, Integral Therapist, Dance and the Sound of the Soul, Psychologist, Daoist Teacher of Qigong and Alchemy 5 Elements. She accompanies people and groups on their Transformation Way for more than 15 years.
Energy therapist, Regressive therapist, Soul Healer
Marianna Volodina, Russia
Language: RU. A practical psychologist, an energy therapist, a reincarnation coach, a reincarnation therapy trainer, a Soul healer with an open clairvoyance channel, the creator and head of the Academy «Human-Creator», the theta-healer, the Women's Circle of Power Leader.
Yoga teacher and Sound Therapist
Sofi Gibson, Spain
Language: ESP. Sofi combines the physical movements of the asanas with the respiratory flow and the vibration connection of these instruments.
José Miguel Moreno y Carolina Puentenueva
Language: ESP. Biodecoding is a new way of decoding any type of symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) and resolve their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral cause at the cellular level through a signature methodology.
Roberta Forti, Spain
Languages: ESP, ENG. Biodanza is a human integration system of organic renewal, of affective re-education, and of re-learning of the life original functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias. through music, singing, movements and group encounter situations.
Guide to personal growth. Dynamic Meditations and Creative Visualization
Vicky Rubio, Spain
Language: ESP. Sacred Therapist - Energetic Cranial. Emotional Liberation Techniques. (E.F.T.). Reiki, intuitive energy therapy,personal coaching. Bach Flowers Testing with Kinesiology. Professional Masseur by the Junta de Andalucía.
Director of Yoga For Life Institute. Yoga Pioneer in Marbella
Maribel Rincon, Spain
Language: ESP. Creator of the Smart Living Program for Children and co-founder of www.salusline.com She is also a Lic. In Psychopedagogy and a graduate in Magisterium. Masters in Sofrology, Therapeutic Hypnosis and Regressive Therapies
Spiritual researcher, consultant on Soul issues
Elena Romanova, Spain
Languages: ENG, RU. Having passed through the heart the wisdom of the ancient Vedic treatises, modern science and the experience of spiritual masters, Elena presents her own program "Capsule of Happiness". It is a unique system of knowledge and practices aimed at expanding consciousness and increasing vibrations. This program, tested over the years, gives an absolute result and allows you to gently and effectively tune into vibrations of abundance, health, love and happiness.
Holistic Therapist, Expert in Energy Therapies, Creator of the Energetic Decoding Method of Being
Josean Zingale, Spain
Language: ESP. Holistic Therapist, Expert in Energy Therapies, Holistic and Quantum Kinesiology, Usui and Karuna Reiki, Theta Healing, Akashic Records and Biogeometry etc. Researcher and teacher. Creator of the Energetic Decoding Method of Being.
Therapist for flower therapy Bach. Expert on children's special pedagogy
Charo Reina, Spain
Language: ESP. "Charo", a fan of hiking and being in contact with nature, a supporter of the use of natural therapy to restore our balance
Transformation Coach
Evgenia Gerasimova, Russia
Language: RU. Evgeniya specializes on individual and group consultations, webinars about relationships within the family and in society in general, also about the realization of the life mission.
Adriano Cortel, Spain
Language: ESP. Adriano Cortel is a geologist, closely connected with nature and agriculture. He helps people who want to lead a more consistent life, creating their own farms and producing food in harmony with the Earth.
Transformational Coach, Spiritual Healer
Natalia Trishkina, Spain
Language: RU.
Dentistry / Dental Decoding
Mercedes Rodríguez Ramos, Spain/Dominican Republic
Language: ESP. Conscious Dentistry DOC System
Irina Klintukh, Russia
Language: RU. The author of the universal method of solving all life problems. International Master, teacher, trainer in the field of human development and recovery.
Art-coach, regressologist, artist
Schmidt Tatjana, Germany
Language: RU. Art-coach, regressologist, captain of the Academy "Man-the-Creator", artist. She creates her world - a world filled with angels, funny birds and mysterious dolphins.
Specialist of Family constellations
Andreina Martin, Spain
Language: ESP. Andreina Martin creates a fertile reality for a person with the help of Bach's Flower Therapy, Bert Helinber's Family constellations, Reiki's Art, Acupuncture and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Andreina is a certified specialist in all these areas, working with patients both in Spain and abroad.
Therapist, master of massage practices
Ludmila Volkova, Ukraine
Language: RU. Ludmila is a therapist, a master of massage practices, a master of energy practices, a psychologist, a spiritual mentor.
Family psychologist, coach, kundalini-yoga trainer
Iryna Miromanova, Spain
Language: RU. Irina Miromanova is an experienced family psychologist, strategic coach, author and leading trainer of personal development, teacher of Kundalini yoga, author of the methods "Result Forever" (c) and "Careful Self-development" (c). She helped hundreds of women gain inner balance, start living in love and joy and realize their bold dreams in personal, professional and business self-realization.
Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga
Vera Gracheva, Spain
Language: RU. Kundalini yoga leads a person to greater autonomy, awareness and allows to minimize harmful needs and attachments, which makes us more integrated and aligned with ourselves and with the source of this creation.
The Amaranta Method
Language: ESP. The AmArAntA Method is a system of personal growth that operates at the energy level, in a complete and global way. A Method that has been channeled and studied by the deep desire to find a quick and efficient tool to solve any type of situation or simply to know ourselves in depth, to know why we are here, why we choose our family and what is the true mission of our existence.
Coaching, working with metaphorical maps, psychonumerology
Tatiana Miheenko, Spain
Language: RU. The psychologist of the highest category, the ECF coach, 17 years of experience, more than 3,200 clients. One of the organizers, ideologists and curators of the charity project created by immigrant psychologists for those who found themselves in immigration - Support Without Borders.
Energy Therapist and Coach, Hypnotherapist
Alejandro Vazquez Fernández, Spain
Language: ESP. Angelic Communication Therapy, Energetic Healing, Natural Hypnosis Pleoma Method, Atlantean Kabbalah etc.
Craniosacral therapy
Susana Cortes Maya, Spain
Language: ESP. Craniosacral therapy ( CST ) involves light holding of the skull and sacrum and barely detectable movements.
Spiritual Healer - Energetic Medicine Healer, Specialist in Human Energy Anatomy
Joanna Haavikko, Spain
Language: ESP. Spiritual Healer - Healer of Energy Medicine, Specialist in Human Energetic Anatomy, international speaker, trainer of Energy Medicine therapists.
Music Band
Espiritu Nahual, Spain
Language: ESP. The rhythm in which the universe dances like a mountain river
Music band
One Light, Gibraltar
Group who sing and compose mantras. The band consists of 12 members and came together in 2015 after some of its members completed a raja yoga foundation course at the integral yoga centre in Gibraltar with Nalanie Chellaram. Thanks to Nalanie one light have played in various retreats and events led by herself in Spain and Gibraltar including world yoga day and world peace day celebrated in Gibraltar every year.
Kirtan Music
Ananda Bandha
Sacred service for a journey of discovery and exploration of ourselves.
Sri Guru Mata of Bhakti Yoga
Swamini Maa Kadamba Rajeswari Devi Dasi, Spain
Language: ESP. Sri Guru Mata of Bhakti Yoga, fully surrendered to the devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and with this way as well to the humanity.
Sri Guru Diksa of Bhakti Yoga
Swami Prema Rajendra Das, Spain
Language: ESP. Sri Guru Diksa of Bhakti Yoga. Realizing the mission of Sankirtan, self realization trough the singing of holy names of God and unconditional service.