We support
The book from Child to Child
  • To collect the books for children in need
  • To create motivation for participants of the Festival to become a mentors for fatherless children
The book will be an entrance tickets for children-participants of the Festival
  • The books are gathering by volunteers during the registration
  • The topics of the books are indicated in the rules of the Festival and on site
  • All gathered books are delivering to the children in need and to low-income families with children
Find your canine companion
  • To help to the animals in shelter; to create motivation to take patronage over the animals
  • Educational activity for children to develop responsibility and human values
Interaction between animals and children in animal shelter
  • The children - participants of the Festival could cooperate with animals from shelter to interact with pets because they also need love and care
  • During the activity they can take patronage over homeless animals or take then home
Plant tree in Openmind park
  • To plant 50 trees and create the Openmind park in Marbella
  • To attract attention of citizens to the environment
The place for the planting of trees and “the stone of the happiness” set-up will be agreed with the city administration
  • The festival participants will plant trees on the mall. There will also be a special "stone of happiness". The event will take place on a site selected by the city authorities and with the support of a local plant nursery
  • Money for trees is collected for three days of the festival