Event description
About festival
Openmindfest is:
An Annual international festival of Harmonious human and family values
A charity-oriented project that supports children, animal and plants
An Educational project that forms family values
Our Mission: To gather people around the idea of Consciousness, Healthy lifestyle and wellbeing Integrity. Thus, we are creating opportunities for the development of the four levels at once harmonious personality: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual.
To promote «OPENMIND way of life» as essential knowledge that helps to develop every human’s life on four levels of being.

Physical: body care, healthy nutrition, proper sleeping schedule, breathing and physical exercises etc.

Social: understanding of self mission; knowledge of men and woman responsibilities; happy family building through the development and accepting of family mission, principles and values; the ability to take responsibility; building of wellbeing; bringing the goodness to the Universe by own life

Intellectual: the ability to put goals and to reach them, the capacity to change the acts and life-style for good

Spiritual: the ability to live in the moment, self forgetfulness, devotion, positive point of view